Investment Management

Insights into the methodologies of different investment formulation techniques like ESG, Factor-Based and Alternative Investments.

Factor Investing

Introduction to Factor Investing

What is Factor Investing? Introduction Factor Investing is an approach wherein the investor focuses on identifying the key drivers that push the different asset-class returns (like stocks or bonds). These drivers could be macro-economic drivers or fundamental drivers. Following Factor Investing would allow an investor to dig deeper into the exposures (think risks) for each […]

Application of Factor Based Investing

Setting the Context: Just like investors analyse different asset classes to allocate their investments, another style of investing is observing the exposure of the investment portfolio to different factors. Factors are the drivers of return across different asset classes. For example, consider growth of GDP, it’s pretty intuitive that when an economy is performing well, […]


Hedge Funds 101

Introduction This week, let’s gain a good understanding about “What exactly Hedge Funds are?”, “What they do?” and “Who they cater to?”. Hopefully by the end of this article, you’d associate the term “Hedge Funds” with more than just fancy cars, an elite lifestyle and humungous mansions (that’s what most movies portray right?) Alright, let’s […]

Derivatives 101

Setting the Context Derivatives are part of the Alternative Investment asset class and provide a very interesting dynamic in hedging investment portfolios. In this week’s article let’s go over “What exactly Derivatives are?”, “What are Forwards, Futures and Options?” and examples of using Forward Contracts and Call Options as hedging instruments. What is a derivative? […]


Sustainability & Investing

Setting the Context: With the rise of collective awareness of the importance of sustainability in our social, corporate and economic actions, Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) based Investing has amassed vast popularity. This concept is definitely not a new one and the thought of being more “environmentally-friendly” or “consciousness” has prevailed for decades, however, […]

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Theories

Setting the context: In this article, let’s delve into the history of Portfolio Management. We will explore the different theories which etched their mark in the domain of portfolio management. Theory 1 – Dow Theory Charles Dow the ex-editor of the Wall Street Journal, presented his theory on the influences on Stock Market movements. His […]

Fixed Income

Introduction to Fixed Income

Guest Post by Vrushank Setty What is a Fixed Income (FI) instrument? A fixed-income instrument is an investment tool where the investors get a stable or a measurable form of return for their investments. We are using the term “measurable” because the return payments are known well in advance. These returns are in the form […]

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