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What’s happening in the world of Crypto?

Let’s start with a few fundamental questions. What is a cryptocurrency? How is it different from traditional forms of money? And why has it been on top of every (Robinhood?) investors mind? Introduction Cryptocurrencies are essentially currencies in the virtual world. We can’t withdraw them from an ATM and physically store it in our back-pockets.…

Valuation of Cryptocurrencies

Introduction You probably must have a heard a lot of buzz about a particular stock being over-valued or undervalued. These terms generally mean that the stock price is deviating from its intrinsic value, which is a range estimated for the stock price using fundamental modeling techniques like Discounted Cash Flow Model, Gordon Growth Model, etc.…

Unpacking DAOs

Setting the Context Taking inspiration from, a DAO is simply a safe means to collaborate with strangers on the internet usually with the purpose of pooling in money for a specific cause. Now the name “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”, makes sense huh? Well, maybe not entirely, but we’ll flatten out all the details in an…