Finance Investment Strategy

Introduction to Factor Investing

What is Factor Investing? Introduction Factor Investing is an approach wherein the investor focuses on identifying the key drivers that push the different asset-class returns (like stocks or bonds). These drivers could be macro-economic drivers or fundamental drivers. Following Factor Investing would allow an investor to dig deeper into the exposures (think risks) for each […]

Economy Finance

Taper Tantrum

Who knew markets could throw tantrums too? That’s exactly what happened in the year 2013 – when the market collectively reacted to the possibility of the Fed stopping it’s large-scale bond purchase program. Concept: What was the”Bond-purchasing” program about? The Fed started purchasing large amounts of treasury bonds and other financial assets, in order to […]

Behavioral Finance Finance

Behavioural Models

Setting the Context: In a previous post, I had gone over the basics of different types of theories underlying Portfolio Management. Now, since these theories stem from the Traditional Finance perspective, I felt it was apropos to introduce a couple of theories which come under the realm of Behavioural Finance. Right, so let’s jump into […]


Economic Moat

Setting the context: In this article, let’s understand the term “Economic Moat”, what it entails and how we can identify one. What is an Economic Moat? This term was popularised by Warren Buffet. An Economic Moat is a company which can retain a competitive advantage over its peers in the long run and thus protect […]

Finance Fixed Income

Introduction to Fixed Income

Guest Post by Vrushank Setty What is a Fixed Income (FI) instrument? A fixed-income instrument is an investment tool where the investors get a stable or a measurable form of return for their investments. We are using the term “measurable” because the return payments are known well in advance. These returns are in the form […]